Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pimp My Boho Ride

I have seen some amazing design oriented projects over the years. I've seen cherubs painted on ceilings, huge taxidermy animals in foyers, a red velvet round bed in a master bedroom and once I saw live models as wallpaper. Lately I seen all kinds of vehicle photos where someone had a lot of time and/or money on their hands. I'm not talking about those Indian Taxis we all know about. If you don't know them here is a couple of pictures:

Bride-to-be in all her finery.

Boho taxi

Love them in the movie "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel". No, I'm talking about regular rides. I included some trailers, those count as rides, don't they? Check these out:

Airstream luxury on the road

French-style Bohemian

Anyone for Glamping?

No more boring ride!

Love the traditional Gypsy wagon

Rolls Royce Phantom 1 1926

My kind of Chevy!

So you see, fellow Bohemian design lovers, the ideas do not stop at the doorstep. True lovers of the gendre find any way possible to add a little Boho into their lives!

Have any pix of a Boho ride? Tell me about it in the comments below and I'll share your pic!

All pictures via Pinterest, as usual!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bathroom: From Blah to Bohemian

I just finished a re-do in a rental apartment, bland white everything. Everything was clean and tidy, just white, bland and no personality! The renter (my client) is camera shy, so I found a picture on my go-to Pinterest to give you an idea.

Lovely vintage but boring white bathroom

The obvious choice for this color-restricted renter was the shower curtain and mat. As I was shopping around for gorgeous choices, there weren't any. That I liked anyway.  The retail stores were full of the usual choices. So what's a savvy decorator to do but go online! I found this marvelous site that I had used for labels and wall art in the past, Cafe Press. Check out some of their offerings:

Jewel tone heaven

Love the Celtic influences

Mod city wall art 

Ribbons and spots


Hungarian flowers

These are the regular type of nylon shower curtain that is easily hung up with rings on a shower bar. But the patterns are fabulous! I typed in "Bohemian" in the select category bar and it said over 160 choices! Don't forget the memory foam bath mats to mix and match. Thousands to pick from in all different gendre. I'm thinking I may put up one over my glass shower doors, just 'cause!

Note: I am not getting any compensation from Cafe Press, I just wanted to share a wonderful resource for those that need color in a basic bathroom without permanently changing the blah.

Have fun shopping the site and let me know which ones are favorites by leaving a comment!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Boho Kitchen Decor

Well lovely reader, we are past the holidays and each day the daylight hours are increasing. Our holidays were quiet as they are these days, but it's the way we like it. Big plans are in the works, I won't divulge until they're firm enough to share!

Meanwhile, this post is all about Bohemian kitchen decor. I usually don't design a full Bohemian kitchen for the majority of my clients, too European and not "new" enough looking for American tastes. But once in a while, I have a client with an older home and the intestinal fortitude to go for it! Granted, it can be crusty around the edges and sometimes disorganized, but it can be homey and kind of country in a nostalgic sort of way. Love it when I can use vintage elements and pseudo-vintage new pieces. Blend that with color and texture and how could it go wrong! 

I have included some pix of more contemporary Boho design, in particular the conservatory within a loft. Bohemian decor by definition is about using your imagination and flaunting convention. Sometimes the more contemporary or neutral or light handed use of the gendre is what a client wants. 

Notice the majority of these kitchens have open wall hung shelving, no overhead cabinets. This is an American fear most of my clients express. The old world idea of wall space above the workspace is growing leaps and bounds here, but clients still need assurance that all will be well and all their possessions will have a place.

Enjoy the Bohemian kitchen tour and see if you have a favorite: 

Lace work and tile

Cute under stairs kitchen

White and green spring freshness

Blue and white plates give a vintage touch to this farmhouse kitchen

Taupe and pink a new fav of mine!

Sleek and contemporary below, vintage above

Floor to ceiling tile and distressed wood drawers, brilliant!

Surely art work belongs in the kitchen too!

Pattern and color in a retro style

More art work and love the pop of pink!

Mixture of wallpaper patterns and an oriental rug are divine!

Reclaimed wood hood cover with brackets, art work on the tile

Feminine dark style

Love hanging dried flowers, herbs and garlic!

Finally, a place for all those cookbooks!

Gray and teal is so current in design right now!

Love the oversized subway tiles in this small kitchen!

In wall plate rack is genius!

Color and vintage are Boho fav's!

Wow! The collection of enamelware is a major focal point in this homey kitchen!

White background, color in the changeable accessories can work for renters!

Simple way to feature your glassware/collectibles.

Kitchen with in a loft!

Tiny cottage kitchen

My favorite English cottage look!

Reclaimed wood, art work and simple colors

Industrial Boho

Dark, moody with Dutch masters influences

Perfect example of Boho neutral

Boho glam

Pink and teal, French influences

Love the country/Boho look!

Spanish/French Bohemian 

Oh la la, to die for!

Fussy, glam country Boho, but I like it!

And finally, I added the picture below because I can't believe how ingenious it is. Bohemian because it is a kitchen in a box!

When a studio apartment is what you have to work with…….

All of the pictures are via my Bohemian Decor board on Pinterest. Leave a comment below and tell me which one is your favorite, I'd love to hear from you!