Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My New Go-To For Purchasing Accessories

OK, I'll admit it, I'm in a rut with the accessories sources. I buy or shop with clients at consignment stores, antique malls and the occasional (very occasional) home decorating store. I do special order things at online sites that cater to decorators, but I just love the instant attraction and gratification of picking up a certain something and relating to it. I always ask the employee if there is a back story to the object, it may just may make it to a new home if the story is interesting enough. So where am I going with this confession? I just went to Target for some curtain rods. For those of you that knew about their new twist on accessories, shame on you for not sharing! Bohemian decor is now just a Target away! Check out some of the things I would totally put into any Boho interior:

Amphora vase on half moon metal stand - $34.99

Boho Boutique Utopia 2 pak pillows - $24.99

Lipstick table lamp - $37.99

Threshold Starburst bamboo wood wall clock - $29.99

3 piece decorative filler Shaker balls - $34.99

Mosaic deep bowl - $24.99-$29.99

Threshold oblong embroidered geometric toss pillow - $24.99

Xhilaration Scallop lighting collection - $24.99-$49.99

Threshold teal mercury glass owl - $12.99

Threshold red lattice tray - $29.99

Boho Boutique knotted yarns decorative pillow - $24.99

Stag's head - $14.99-$39.99

Tira vase collection in glass - $34.99-$50.99

Bulldog shelf decor - $42.49

And on and on and on….What a resource! Please note that I am not being compensated by Target for any of this, I'm just blown away by the fact that they are offering so many accessories that we can all afford.

Well done Target, I see from the trade journals that they are going to be bringing in more changes to their merchandise strategy… I can hardly wait!

If you can't find some of these in your local store, I was told these and tons of online exclusives are available at target.com.

Drop a comment to let me know what you have found at Target and we'll all high five!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Accessories are the Word…….

I have had several requests from clients and readers regarding exactly what can be added to a room to make that Boho vibe. I went to my go-to source Pinterest to find accessories I would love to add to any room to make it quirky and Bohemian. I'm going to start with lighting. Remember from previous posts that lamps with unusual shades or themes are an easy add in to Boho rooms:

Colorful Victorian shade on a floor lamp

Capiz shell edging on a boring neutral shade

Beautiful colored glass lamp with fabric shade

Bowler hat lamp anyone?

Exotic animals are always Bohemian

To die for hot air balloon chandelier

You get the idea on the lighting, right? I adore lamp shopping in consignment and vintage stores, the uglier, the better. Add a new shade, finial and voila, Bohemian! Now how about tchotchkes?

Cutest little blue bird of happiness

Gorgeous metallic bling on glass

Moroccan neutrals

Colorful hobnail glass bottles

Travel souvenirs are always appropriate

Love needlework of all kinds

Use objects you love and collections you have gathered. The intent is not for a theme room, but interesting conversation starting items. Remember the carousel horse craze of the 1980's? Everyone wanted one in their home, but no one knew why. Reason: it was unexpected, quirky, a focal point and a Bohemian touch in the room! Now let's put something on the walls:

Ooooo…the all seeing eye framed up, books and vintage prints

Lovely LARGE floral artwork, there's a statement!

Unusual or vintage playing cards, I may use this idea with some front sides mixed in

I NEVER thought a skull could look glam!

Bottoms of bottles and bowls in a stained glass window panel

Animal head done in Irish knitting patterns? Why not?

Isn't this fun? Take some time to capture Pinterest pictures onto a Bohemian accessory board and it gets easy to find things. Practice makes perfect….. I found a couple of pix I liked and would use these as well:

Pantone Orchid, the color of 2014 in a rug, printed chair and roses!

Vintage chairs in bizarre shapes call my name…...

Well isn't that spectacular? Easy to do for major impact!

Lastly, some exceptional pillows. Pillows are the easiest way to add a Boho feel to a space, but I couldn't resist these:

Non-traditional colors but cool non-the-less

OMG, I could jump right into the middle of these!

Lastly, I would like to remind you that the Bohemian/Boho style is VERY forgiving and you cannot make a mistake. Well you can, but it's easily covered up with more stuff! Collect your pix, review them often and make your selections with them in mind. You will have a space you adore!

Leave a comment and let me know you're alive and decorating Bohemian!