Friday, February 21, 2014

Midnight At The Oasis

I haven't posted in about a month, time flies when your having fun! I am in the process of opening a retail furniture consignment store, loads of work to do, but I can hardly wait. The contractors are about 2 weeks behind schedule, but I still am working on an April 1st door opening! We shall see!

Here is the new store the first day at lease signing!

While I'm waiting until the next onslaught happens, I have to comment on this winter weather we've been having in the northeast. It is raining this morning, on top of 3 feet of snow on the roof and 6 feet on the ground. Luckily, no flooding for us, but loads of water in the streets. Should freeze solid tonight and make for an interesting day tomorrow!

But in the winter, our thoughts always wander to warmer weather. I thought of how clever some people are with their outside spaces in the summer months. Let's get some inspiration, shall we?

Truly an oasis

A summer house like this could make me stay home

Love the Turkish lanterns

Al fresco dining at it's best

Not really outdoor, but would work just the same

Can you say Provence?

Lovely reading spot on the balcony 

Conservatory or under the eaves,  it still works for me 

Beach side bliss

Wow, lighting is stupendous!

Love the fabric on the pillows and the bamboo shade cloth

How about a space just between buildings?

On the deck

Garden retreat complete with Indian umbrella

Summer house perfection

I'm at a loss for words…..

Picnic under an olive tree…..

Riverside in the summer


Under a porch roof like this, I could sip tea and dream

Outdoor showers count, right?

Fairy lights in the meadow

Fairy lights in the drive

Fairy lights in the pavers

Capiz shells on the ceiling for summer breezes

Add a false wall with a window to your deck….

Wow, inspiration aplenty! All these pix were found after hours of pouring through Pinterest. Share some with us in the comments, let us know how you will fix a space for yourself this summer!