Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bohemian Swag

OK, first I have to get some ranting done, it's a pet peeve and the only way to get through this is educating peeps!

The way fabric falls is drape, as in "look at the drape of this fabric". The completed project hung on the window are draperies, plural, get it? I know picky, picky! 

Rant via Pinterest

Now the rant is done and we can get on with business.

Draperies in Bohemian/Boho design are quite varied, as in all design projects. That being said, there are specifics that are true to the feeling and look. One of the simplest and a perennial fav are simple sheers blowing in the breeze.

Romance in window treatments via Pinterest

Sigh, summer in one look and the best for romantic bedroom design. There are very sheer sheers and heftier  sheer fabric.

Linen sheers via Pinterest

But when we think of Bohemian design, voluptuous, colorful draperies spring to mind first. The range is all over the place, from hankies sewn together in a perfect rectangle to re-purposed silk saris:  

Hanky draperies via Babylon Sisters
Sari draperies via Babylon Sisters

The above examples are from a wonderful Etsy shop called Babylon Sisters. You can get there here. Gorgeous!

Printed fabrics sewn into luscious fullness are another hallmark of the Boho look:

Boho room via Google

As well as beautifully done shades:

Balloon shades via Pinterest
Pink room via Lonnie Magazine

Of course what would Bohemian decor be with out velvet draperies with or without tassels, tiebacks and passementerie?

Velvet via Pinterest
Trim via Moon to Moon

And beads are back in style:

Beaded bathroom via Google

Beads as swag via Pinterest

Macrame and beads via Pinterest

A personal favorite of mine is the vintage look of colored glass as window coverings:

Love the grape via Pinterest
Glass vases as window treatments via Pinterest

Another is stained and plain glass:

Beautiful music room via Pinterest

Leaded glass over the sink via Google

The 1960's brought us the hippie look of plants as window treatments. Looks as good as ever:

Lovely plant treatment via Pinterest

Plants as draperies via Pinterest

If nothing else seems right, opt for the no swag at all look:

Feminine Boho at it's best via Pinterest

Colorful Bohemian room via Pinterest

All certainly are in the feel of Bohemian/Boho decor and should get the creative vibes going. Need some advice in the window covering department? Post your question below and I'll give it a go!

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