Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bathroom: From Blah to Bohemian

I just finished a re-do in a rental apartment, bland white everything. Everything was clean and tidy, just white, bland and no personality! The renter (my client) is camera shy, so I found a picture on my go-to Pinterest to give you an idea.

Lovely vintage but boring white bathroom

The obvious choice for this color-restricted renter was the shower curtain and mat. As I was shopping around for gorgeous choices, there weren't any. That I liked anyway.  The retail stores were full of the usual choices. So what's a savvy decorator to do but go online! I found this marvelous site that I had used for labels and wall art in the past, Cafe Press. Check out some of their offerings:

Jewel tone heaven

Love the Celtic influences

Mod city wall art 

Ribbons and spots


Hungarian flowers

These are the regular type of nylon shower curtain that is easily hung up with rings on a shower bar. But the patterns are fabulous! I typed in "Bohemian" in the select category bar and it said over 160 choices! Don't forget the memory foam bath mats to mix and match. Thousands to pick from in all different gendre. I'm thinking I may put up one over my glass shower doors, just 'cause!

Note: I am not getting any compensation from Cafe Press, I just wanted to share a wonderful resource for those that need color in a basic bathroom without permanently changing the blah.

Have fun shopping the site and let me know which ones are favorites by leaving a comment!

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  1. Good to know about your passion of decorating homes. I like the first two curtains. The re-do of the apartment is wonderful. Keep us updated with more projects.