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4 Ways BDSM=Romance in the Bedroom

Just in time for Valentine's Day! 

Part 1 of 2

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How's the love life? Calm down, I'm not going Fifty Shades on all of you! Sorry kinksters, but you should stick around and learn some valuable info to improve too!

Here is how I define BDSM:

1. Banish
2. Dust and clean
3. Storage
4. Maintain

Feng Shui has specific criteria for adding romance to the bedroom. One of the most important things you can do is remove the clutter. Come on people, who wants to cuddle in this bedroom:

Cluttered bedroom via Google

Or bring a new partner to this one:
Messy bedroom via Google

Doesn't make you want to be passionate, does it? Loads of bedrooms look like this and I'm not judging, just saying'. They're OK to live in but I'm going to give you some instructions to improve the bedroom decor if you want the romance to move up a notch.
Let's get Part 1 started….

  • Feng shui tells us that clutter has a way of zapping the life out of a room. The energy gets clogged up because it can't freely move around the crap. The best thing you could do for an existing relationship is banish the junk. This is true if you want to get into a new relationship as well. Get the stuff out of the bedroom that doesn't belong there. You know I mean that clothes hanger exercise equipment and under the bed too. Go here and get advice on how to start de-cluttering.

Now about the computer…. If at all possible, get it out of your bedroom. That also goes for the work desk too! Carve out a niche in a closet, use an out of the way corner in the living room or set up a spare bedroom as a home office. One exception, if it is covered, it can stay. There are great offices in furniture available. Try an idea like this one at Riverside Furniture:

Riverside Furniture American Crossing

Or put a folding screen in front of it. Really, who can rest when ever time you turn over you see the report on the desk that is not finished? How about the TV? If you HAVE to have the TV in the bedroom, OK. Not good, but OK. Best to put it in a cabinet, use the aforementioned screen or throw an artsy scarf over the screen for a Bohemian vibe.

Screen via Google

Your cellphone should be off as well. Consider where the alarm clock is located. Near your head? Electronics impact healthy sleeping and the EMF's keep your mind too active for restful sleep. Out of sight is always better than in plain sight! While you're at it, get all the tchotchkes off the side tables and dresser. (We'll put them back in Part 2). That includes family photos and fake flowers.

  • Grandma said "cleanliness is next to godliness" and she was on to something. When was the last time you vacuumed the floor/carpet? How about dusted the picture frames? (While we're talking about them, take them down too). Take down any dries swags or wreaths. Dust mites are prolific in bedrooms. That equals allergies. I'm not even touching bedbugs! Change the bed linens ideally once a week, cooler climates every other week seems to work. Clean the bedroom and your sleep will improve. Your mind can relax…..
Clean bedroom via Google

  • Do you have a chair in the bedroom you can't see because it's covered in clothing? Perhaps it's time to purge the closet. Look at the floor of the closet. Are there too many shoes and you can't see the floor? It's time for storage. Move the shoes and clothing in and out for seasons if possible. If space is a problem, how about a blanket chest at the foot of the bed? Hanging holders behind the doors? Professional organizer?
Closet via Google

Plastic bins should be stored out of the room in a perfect world. The best thing to do is ruthlessly purge. I use the one in one out rule cause I have tiny closets. The point is, put the stuff away! Mrs. Beeton wrote in 1861 "a place for everything and everything in its place".
via Amazon

  • So now the room is purged of stuff that doesn't belong there, it's clean, the clothing storage has been sorted out, now what? Maintenance is needed to keep it that way! Make a concerted effort to maintain a cleaning schedule. It only takes a few minutes daily to make the bed, wipe the tops of things and put the clothes away. I find that no top sheet and a duvet with a cover makes for quick bed making. Some experts claim when you make the bed, your day seems to become more orderly. Keep purging closets as needed and put the stuff away routinely. Whew!

via Google

Next week we're ready for Part 2, romancing the bedroom decor with art work, color and furnishings. Think about how far you've come in such a short time and you should be able to feel the energy flowing around the room and under the bed. That's what you need for romance to build! Happy sleeping and be sure to keep me updated on your purging sessions. Gotta go dust!

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