Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Your bathroom can make you poor.

Is your bathroom counter cluttered?
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How is your financial outlook? Do you need a raise? Does money seem to be pouring out of your bank account? Check the bathroom. Not for spare change necessarily but to see if you can improve your chances of hanging on to some.
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Open drains in Feng Shui are disastrous for your financial outlook. Money literally flows out the drains. Is the toilet lid kept down? The tub drain closed? Perhaps the pull is so strong in your house that you need to change your habits.  Sometimes you literally have to close the door!

Water Colored walls via House Beautiful
The bathroom has a super strong water identity that some of the time can be almost overpowering. Not only are there faucets and nozzles that add water to the room but those drains that take it away. Water represents prosperity in Feng Shui, so the number and condition of the bathrooms will make a difference in the occupant's financial condition.

The water element has specific colors in Feng Shui. Saturated, intense colors leaning towards the dark side of the color wheel are all considered water colors. Also in that category is the blue family to just this side of green. Funny that traditionally bathrooms seem to be blue!

Water Colored walls via Houzz
How can we keep not just our prosperity but the house energy from flowing out of our lives? OK, assuming the clutter and storage is taken care of, let's look at this in stages……...

  • Firstly, where is the major bathroom located in your house? Last week, I gave you a link to learn the Bagua and how to map out your house. Here it is again. If your bathroom is located in the prosperity area of your home, don't worry, there are blessings/cures to help you! Ideally it would not located near the kitchen as it represents waste.
  • Secondly, what do you see when you enter the doorway? The toilet should be tucked away to the side or ideally in its own room. Notice the examples above? No toilet in sight. If you walk directly into the site line of the toilet, we've got work to do!
  • Lastly, what colors have you chosen for the walls, floors and surrounds? A lot of the time we inherit the floors and surrounds, but what about paint color? I'll guess it is in a watery shade, otherwise you wouldn't be here!

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Water is one of the five energy elements we consider in Feng Shui to balance spaces. Pictured above they are: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. The circle goes clockwise as one element nourishes (adds) to another. The star shape in the center represents which element contains (subtracts) the other. In the bathroom, we are overloaded in the water department, so earth dams water! Balance again is the key, so the five need to be represented for yin/yang. Don't leave me yet!

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OK, here is a good example of balance. The yellow is an earth tone, good for counteracting the water element. So is the ceramic tile. The wood floor is the wood element, but you could use real or artificial plants. The marble represents the metal element (which includes rocks, minerals, actual metal, all metallics colors and white). I see we need the fire element. I would bring in the  dark rose color from the bedroom in towels or flowers. Perhaps even in the shower curtain.

Looking at this picture, there is a big no no in Feng Shui. Remember when we did the bedroom? You shouldn't see the bathroom from the bed. Close the door when you go to bed at night and that will cure that! No door? Make it a priority to curtain the opening or screen it off. You need restful sleep at night and not energy flowing downward through the drains.

Mirrors in the bathroom should be high and wide for your body energy to open up wide in the morning. I know we all love a single mirror over each sink, but make your reflection want to stretch to fill up the space in the morning after resting all night. Wide mirrors encourage you to spread your horizons!

Look at this beautiful, warm bathroom via Houzz. It has delicate lighting, lovely pink (fire) walls, ceramic (earth) tiles, flowers and wooden chair, metallic colored (metal) mirror and clean white fixtures. The mirror is tall, reaching up towards the higher ceiling, so width isn't a problem here. What if you don't care for earth or warm colored bathrooms? Use any color you care to, just make sure the elements are balanced.

Pony wall via Google
Now what about that toilet situation? You can't just rip it up and move it! We'll have to make do with some cures then. If there is space, a half or pony wall could be constructed to block the view from the door like the one to the right. If you are not able to do anything because the space is too small or you rent, don't worry! Hang a minimum of 30mm faceted round crystal between the door and the toilet from the ceiling. The ch'i will move upward. Or, this would be another good place to use a screen to block something. BTW, love the extra storage in that pony wall!

So are you ready to try this on your own? Just do it! Cleaning and painting are simple to do and will make a big impact regardless of what you have for permanent features. Drop me a note and let me know if you have specifics or how you're doing. Till next time!


  1. Love the post. My bath is next to the kitchen - which seems unhealthy on many levels ... so I close the door, keep the lid down, and since reading your post have closed the drains - thanks!

  2. Thanks for the kind words and how smart you are to already keep the door closed and the lid down. Now with the drains covered, fortunate blessings!

  3. Love this! I recently did a few posts reviewing Jayme Barrett's new feng shui book on my blog. I am a huge advocate of feng shui:-)

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