Monday, March 18, 2013

After 3 days fish and guests…...

I know, they're your family. Or if they're friends, they haven't been to see you in forever, but after 3 days….. Come on, how many times can you go to that tourist trap? How come they keep getting to your favorite chair before you do? Sigh, well at least you can make them comfy before you get to the point of violence!

In case you haven't figured it out we're talking about the guest room. We want to be good hosts to our guests, make sure they are well stocked and comfortable. We want the room to look as if we are ready anytime to welcome our guests. Right? 

Warm earth colors via Houzz

The guest room is sometimes referred to during the year as the junk/spare room. Not very encouraging, is it? In some homes the guest room is a luxury and made to do double duty during the off season.

Double duty in guest room via Pinterest

Give the guest room as much importance and serenity as your own bedroom. (I covered master bedrooms in earlier posts). Make sure guests have enough closet and drawer space even if you have to temporarily remove items for their stay. Let them unpack and feel a part of the household for a short while.

The "I wish" silver bedroom via Houzz

Their own scented toiletries and robes are a B&B touch that is nice. Happy guests add good ch'i to your home. We want them to relax and feel wanted.

Spa accessories via Pinterest

If the space is too valuable to give up a couple times of the year, don't hesitate to claim it for an office, craft room or gym. Simply check out the offerings in sofa beds, Murphy beds or a futon.

Awesome Murphy bed via Bedderway Beds

Here is an outstanding site for beautiful Murphy beds that are incorporated into bookcase units. Good for an office/guest room. Also check out Ikea Hackers here for a DIY Murphy bed project. If you are handy with tools, HUGE savings.

Remember to use that guest room for your own during the year without guilt and if you have that dedicated room for guests, keep it clutter free, cleaned and ready to go. Your guests will thank you with their drama-free stay!

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