Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Doesn't everyone have a library?

I mean, Downton Abbey does. Why can't we?

Downton Abbey library via PBS

Now I love my books. No, I mean I LUUUV my books! I have been collecting them since I can remember.   I'm embarrassed to admit to over 700! Every time we move, the truck has to be bigger. Once we blew the transmission in a brand new rental truck when moving. No one said anything but there were 50 boxes of…you guessed it, books! Sadly, books seem to be phasing out. Here is an article about the demise of coffee table books. :(

Library cat via Pinterest

I finally have the space I need to bookshelf the whole thing in my home office, but they're built-ins so I guess the next move will have to include new bookshelves. I also catalog online at LibraryThing, so I never buy the same book twice anymore! Check them out, super convenient!

My library before bookshelves via Pinterest

So what's the scoop with books and Feng Shui? Well, as you know the Bagua has a Knowledge/Self Awareness area. Perfect for your collection. If you need to place shelves in different areas of the room, just make the intent for that gua. Check this out to see what I mean about intention…..

Color coded bookshelf via Google

Wow! Now if this was the Creativity/Children gua, I see nothing here but creativity…and a lot of time on someone's hands! Books have to neat and organized as well for good ch'i. Good job! 

Bookcase via Pinterest

Books should reflect our current interests, if not, perhaps it's time to edit and donate or sell the old ones you never look open anymore. I would never give up my babies.but then, if you got rid of the old books you don't look at anymore, you couldwait for it.BUY new ones! A win-win situation!

Closet turned library via Pinterest
Corner book nook via Pinterest

What if you don't have an extra guest room or den to turn into a library? Look at the pictures above. That is a stunning re-do of a closet and that book nook in the corner of a room is charming. Can you say, "Carson, I'll take my tea in the library!"


Here are some more well done ideas for libraries on Pinterest. 

Nook via Pinterest

Clubby room via Pinterest

Clever storage via Pinterest

Attic retreat via Pinterest

Mezzanine in NY via Google

Roof line storage via Pinterest

Wow, don't cha just love Pinterest for ideas? (One slipped in from Google). That's a lot of libraries!

Shakespeare and Co, Paris via Pinterest
OMG gorgeous via Pinterest

I also love bookstores, especially small locally owned new/used bookstores. And really clubby, well done public libraries, but then I always want to keep the books! If you love clubby libraries, here is a perfect article on the blog From The Right Bank.

The point is, if you love your books, you can have a library in your space with a little thought and creativity.

And may I add; a cat on your lap!

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