Wednesday, April 3, 2013

5 Feng Shui Reasons to Have Pets in Your Home

Well, there are tons more, but we'll look at the basic five.

My Airedale "Carly"

1. Well behaved pets are an asset to your home. They bring out the love in everyone and so they charge the ch'i in your home. Also, they're cute!

Otter via Pinterest

Wise young owl via Google

2. They keep you healthy, mentally that is. Is is well known that bringing pets into nursing and retirement homes helps the well being and attitude of the patients.

Mama and baby via Pinterest

3. If you treat them with kindness and respect they will love you no matter what, unlike our human companions that sometimes have baggage of their own.

Guinea pig party via Pinterest

4.  They teach about life. Children must learn to feed and maintain their small animals and need to make sure everyone is kind and caring to them. Cruelty to pets depletes the ch'i of your household and it is just wrong!

Happiness via Pinterest

5. The last but not least reason is that they entertain us! Animals are the most perfect companion given to us just for our love and enjoyment. How can we be sad or depressed when something needs our care and compassion? They take care of our needs and we can certainly do the same for them!

Grumpy cat via Google
Oh lighten up Grumpy cat!


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