Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Horse of a Different Color

Color Selection for Your Home Using Feng Shui


So how can I pick a color in Feng Shui that I will like? Easy, only pick the colors you love! Colors are intensely personal so you should choose colors that resonate with you and the others sharing your space. One thing to remember: color is a manifestation of energy and light, as are we. It can change your life.  Choose colors you love or according to Feng Shui principles and you can not go wrong. All photos shown were re-posted from Pinterest.

Gorgeous Shower

~Green is the color of nature and growth, it is uplifting in energy.  It soothes, calms and reassures people. It is restful and could be used anywhere except where you need to stimulate energy. It is the color of money and could be used in your wealth area. The easiest way to add green is to add plants. It is the perfect socializing color.

Very Yin Family Room 

~Blue is the color of introspection, serenity and tranquility, it is low in mood. It can induce sleep, reduce tension and relieve stress. It can be used in rooms where there is a lot of stressful activity such as offices or counseling centers. It is a good color for a meditation space, bedroom or hectic family area.  Use a warm color as accents to avoid the "blues". It may be too calming for those prone to depression.

Died and Gone to Heaven Bathroom 

~Purple is a royal color and also an artistic color. It invites introspection, meditation, clarity, rituals and a sense of dignity. It can be used to create extremely grand and impressive atmospheres. It is associated with spirituality and a shade of it is perfect for a meditation area. Dark shades of purple would make a quiet bedroom and would add grandness to a living room. Be careful with bright purple however. It has a lot of red in it and is much more stimulating with its fire energy. Purple is good for anti-social behavior.

Beautiful Pops of Red Accents

~Red is found sparingly in nature, so follow that lead in your home. It is powerful and grabs attention. It speeds up your heart rate making dining un-relaxing and sleep hard to achieve but is good for playrooms and perfect for accents. It inspires passion and is used frequently in master bedrooms for the romantic touches. It stimulates conversation and stimulates ch'i flow. It is dramatic and increases fire energy. It should be used sparingly around people who lean towards aggression.

Citrus Inspired 

~Orange is a vibrant color linked with health and vitality. It is enthusiastic and optimistic and is a good gathering color. It is good to use where a north facing room needs to be warmed up or where conversation needs to be stimulated. Use as a more earthy tone and less towards red. It needs to suit you or it can be overwhelming as it is a flamboyant color. Use it in entry halls for a welcoming feel and in family rooms for it's gathering properties.

Sunny Country Kitchen 

~Yellow is a stimulating color associated with longevity, cheerfulness and intellect. Also a gathering earth energy color, it represents the sun's power to sustain life. It can stimulate and focus your mind and is a good choice for a study room, family room, dining area or living room. It is too intense for a bedroom or a very small room.

Drama in Pink 

~Pink is the calming side to red and is good for a bedroom because of its yin, feminine energy. It is a healing color and is good for children and convalescents. It has sedative qualities and is very serene. It dissipates anger and creates a supporting, loving environment. Good bedroom color for those having sleep difficulties.

Calm Natural Feeling Bedroom

~Brown is a stabilizing color as it reinforces our connection to the natural world and grounds us. It is a strong autumnal color and makes a space feel as if it has been used a longtime as things go brown with age. It may not be the best color to use around older people. With more yellow it can be vibrant and with too much red can become murky.

Use White for Accent Colors to Pop

~White with its non-color properties can be a wonderful backdrop for displaying artwork and objects on the walls. In monochromatic environments it focuses the attention on the people within and they become the color and energy. It is not the easiest to live with, off whites and creams are softer. In traditional Feng Shui, it is used for kitchens to focus the attention on the food. It is good for a hallway to bounce the energy around.

Zen Outdoor Shower

~Black is the absorption of all colors and is deep. If used cleverly, it can be a stunning background for other colors or can be stark and create an impressive atmosphere. If too much is used, it creates a low, dark, even depressing space. It is mysterious, sexy and dramatic but does make some people uncomfortable because of its use in mourning. It is not appropriate in children's rooms, dining rooms or places of healing.

Gorgeous Taupe and Gray Bedroom

~Gray and its cousin taupe are ambiguous and are transition colors. They can be viewed as the color of compromise and harmony. They have the properties of both white and black but are neither. Some people find them dismal and depressing. They needs to be fresh looking, use with white and they are a perfect neutral background.

Hope you can now pick colors for your rooms with confidence and as always:

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