Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Prosperity is Just a Piece of Artwork Away........

or a color or a plant.

Monet's Waterlilies via Flickr

OK, so you've located the Wealth /Prosperity area of your space using the Bagua. What kinds of things are we talking about putting there? Are we talking lucky frogs or gongs? No not necessarily, unless that's what you're using in the room design!

Lucky Frog via Google

Wealth/Prosperity can be a number of things besides money including gratitude, talents, health and the people you hold dear. If you've taken an account of your Prosperity and you are blessed, perhaps you need to leave well enough alone. If you have too many bills, need some cash flow or just need the gratitude to flow more freely you may need to enhance the area.
Again, what to use? I've listed seven choices:

~Color. Red is the color everyone thinks of for Wealth but blues and purples are also used as enhancement colors in this area.

Beautiful purple and blue accents via Pinterest

~ Wind chimes of any type, fans, mobiles or kinetic sculptures attracts ch'i to the area because traditionally the element associated with Wealth/Prosperity is wind.


~ Plants that grow upward are a good choice. Symbolically trees blow in the wind and your Wealth/Prosperity should be slow growing as a tree and just as strong.

Lots of plants via Pinterest

~ This is a perfect area for an aquarium or a water feature. Water gives nourishment to trees. (Remember the five elements?) Here are wonderful tabletop examples of both:

Spa Fountain Source
Awesome fishbowl via Pinterest

~ Valuable possessions such as antiques, crystal, coin or coin collections and art. Wealth, right?

Gorgeous tableau via Pinterest
~ Banners, prayer flags, sayings, quotes and wonderful affirmations of gratitude are all at home in this area.
Via Pinterest
~ Artwork or photos for the walls of the things you'd like to own, purchase or experience belong here too.

Dream Vacation House via Pinterest

A common question from clients is why does this work?
When something is placed with the intention of prosperity you look at it in a different light. Every time you pass by it, dust it or admire it, the intention is brought to mind. The law of attraction is very powerful. If you think about it, you put it out into the universe!

Artwork via Pinterest

Remember, clear the clutter first before any adjustments to the gua is started. Clutter just clutters up the process. And don't use every cure listed above! If you overload the gua, the opposite can happen so just pick one or two that blends with your decorating style. These are not rules, just guidelines to help you with your accessory choices. Have fun and be creative!

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