Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Take a seat like John Wayne……..

Classic John Wayne 

You know, back to the wall facing the door. This is what's known in Feng Shui as the command position. 
In this seat, you can see who is coming and going and your back is protected. Some people instinctively take this seat in any situation. My husband is one of them. I can't tell you what most restaurants or bars that we've been to look like because my back was most of the time to the the room! 

When you place the furniture in your public rooms Feng Shui suggests you place the largest piece (most of the times the sofa) facing the  main doorway. The command position becomes the furthest seat away but still facing the doorway. This is the best seat in the house, the one we give to our most honored guests. The host takes the next closest seat to the door. Hopefully this can be done caddy cornered and not straight on to the doorway. If you only have one place for the sofa and it faces away from the doorway, place a mirror in the site line of the sofa so anyone entering will be seen. Comfortable, protected guests make the ch'i in the room active and happy!

Simple but stunning LR via Pinterest

Outrageous artwork via Houzz
Purple and blue with pops of green via Houzz
Lovely lavender room from Houzz
Chinoiserie via Pinterest
Pops of pink via Pinterest
Fabulous pinks via Lonnie Magazine
Beige with color pops via Pinterest
Notice in most of the examples the sofa is against or just in front of the wall. This is probably the most common placement for sofas, but floating in the room is absolutely perfect in a large setting like the room above. Just make sure the back of the sofa doesn't face the most used doorway, it blocks the ch'i! So which of the rooms do you like the best? Drop me a note and we'll see which is the most popular!

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