Monday, May 20, 2013

Color My World

Color is a manifestation of energy and light as are we, so everyone sees colors differently. Men and women absolutely see color differently. Some women can determine some 99 million more shades of color. Whaaaaat? 

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The X chromosome has photoreceptors called cones that allow the brain to perceive color. Men have one X chromosome. If one of their cones are mutated, the man sees reduced shades of color, referred to as color blindness. As we know, women have two sets of X chromosomes so they have a backup. Interestingly, colorblind men have women in their families (usually their mothers) that have a mutated cone as well but it results in the ability to see additional  color in the spectrum. These women are referred to as tetrachromatic and see shades of color within color.  2 to 3 percent of women have this mutated cone. See this ScienceLine article for the whole story. Cool, huh?

Awesome Eye Art via Google

This explains why some people are so picky about their choices in color. My poor long-suffering husband can attest to this. He just hands the color decisions over to me and backs off. Wise choice!

Smarty Pants Michelle via Google

If you can't get a handle on why certain color combinations aren't pleasing to you, it may be that you (if you're female) are a tetrachromatic! I've been doing an informal poll amongst the artsy types I know and it seems most all the women can see multiple shades of color or undertones within a color. In my humble opinion, it seems that all successful arty-type woman must share this ability and are super comfortable with color. Color experts it appears!

The Colors Within Emerald Green
The colors Within Gray

Are you thinking you may be  tetrachromatic? Write a note and let me know your color story and we'll see how many we get!    

Cutey Mad Scientist via Pinteres

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