Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The "Why" Story

Why do we do what we do in life? Why do we choose the careers we choose, the partners, the way we make decisions? These things can tell us a lot about ourselves. Why do you do what you do? 

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love to remember why I chose the design field. When I was young and lived in my parent's house, there were many siblings and not a lot of privacy, in fact I shared a room with my sister until I left home. I was always moving the furniture, pictures and ornaments my mother had placed willy nilly around the house much to the consternation of my family.

As the oldest girl, I was in charge of picking up the house (a never ending job with three messy brothers). My mother was overwhelmed and could not keep up with the day to day chore of keeping house and so it fell to me to help her out. I resented every minute of it! I loved to cook and be creative but overwhelmed mothers don't have time to recognize or indulge the whims of pre-teens, so cleaning, dishes and picking up were the chores I was tortured with. 

When vacuuming and dusting the living room the natural thing for me to do was move the furniture into different positions and try new ways to make sense of the pieces that came and went in our hard living household. My father later told me he never knew where his favorite chair would end up when he came home from work! Sometimes my mother would catch the decorating bug and we would paint, wallpaper or move things together. That was nice to have the approval to try something new.

As I grew older and the siblings were in and out with friends and my mother went back to work hardly anyone bothered me with objections about where the furniture went. I had almost a free hand in placement and was never happier. It was a natural I was going into the decorating/design field!

So why do I do what I do? The challenge of the next space! I love the unexpected results and happy accidents that happen in design work. 

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I am most gratified when an overwhelmed (hmmm, mother substitution?) client becomes enthused and excited about the decisions of planning their space. It's as if a light bulb pops on inside them as they catch the whole idea! I share with them the reasoning behind the design and they are hooked. I'm always happiest when helping my clients express the love of their home with cherished items. Like Nate Berkus says: "The Things That Matter". Home truly is where your heart is! 

Sweet Shabby Chic via Pinterest

Do you have a cherished item you would never part with? Drop a note and let me know what it is and I'll let you know what mine is too! 

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