Friday, October 18, 2013

Bedroom Carpet Zone

I'm loving the fall weather we've been having around here lately. It's warm during the day and cold enough for the fireplace at night. The colors in the landscape are so luscious, I'm always sad it is so short lived!

Country cottage in the fall

So when the weather turns snappy in the evenings, I look for warm comfort in the bedroom when I turn in for the night. This brings me to an age old discussion amongst my clients and myself; carpet the floor in the bedroom or not?

Lovely thick carpet via Cozy Canadian Cottage

I adore the hardwood floors throughout my house and use area rugs winter through summer. Most of my clients feel the same. I use area rugs in the bedroom as well, a large one on the diagonal under the bed or scatters on each side. Easy maintenance and change is always an option. Plus love the shiny floors!

Gorgeous shiny wood floor with area rugs via Pinterest

That being said, I don't think anyone would turn away deep, soft, thick wall to wall carpeting in their bedroom if someone was offering to put it in for them. I may not go to the expense myself, but what if the carpet fairy godmother waved her wand and put in whatever I wanted? Well…...

OTT wool yarns via Google 

There is something to the idea of getting out of bed in the middle of the night and tiptoeing over a velvety pile of softness that brings out the decadence in me! Is it a perverse pleasure to dream of a romantic interlude on such softness without getting rug burns? Vibrant animal prints in wool or thick cut velvet in a myriad of colors dance in my head when I think of bedroom carpeting.

Beautiful Bohemian use of carpet via Pinterest

If you decide to carpet the bedroom, I always first suggest neutral flesh tone colors of all races; creamy pearl ivories, blush pinks and roses, mid-tone cafe cremes and the deepest, richest tones of brown. The pastels and jewel tones are successful too. Use something not in the rest of the house if you dare, this is a luxury space.

Lovely bedroom colors via Design Seeds

One option I would never choose is sisal or seagrass wall to wall or area rug. It's too hard surfaced and rough on bare feet. Softness is what we're after.

Custom fitting a wall to wall area rug in a bedroom is an option, but the cost will include binding and padding so sometimes it may be as much as wall to wall, if not more.

 In the old days, it was de rigueur in homes of sufficient income to have carpet in bedrooms because it kept rooms warmer in cold weather. Today we have insulated our homes to the point of suffocation, so it is rather a matter of choice. I recommend once a year professional cleaning too, preferably by a dry or low water method. Keeps the allergens to a minimum. 

So how do you feel about wall to wall carpet in the bedroom? Leave a comment to let me know.


  1. These all look like great carpet options for a bedroom! I like to make sure that bedrooms have nice soft carpet, because that is where you spend most of your time, and so you want to make sure that it is really nice! I also like the color scheme, I think my daughter would really love that for her room. I'll see if I can find good carpet in that color!

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