Monday, October 14, 2013

Waxing on About Beeswax

I love scented candles and room fresheners, don't get me wrong. There are loads of luscious sounding fragrances and I have always fantasized about a room that oozes exotic travels, sophistication and a bit of Paris apartment. I even thought about investing in a Lampe Berger. (source) But I have never found a substitute for a really well made beeswax candle.

The bee in beeswax

Wicker patterned candles, who knew?

Beeswax candles are long burning so they are worth the initial investment. They burn clean and smell to me like church, incense and honey. (Talk about exotic travels!) I love the honey color in their natural state. They also come in white, colors and even patterned.

Rolled white beeswax pillar

Lovely colored beeswax pillar

Gorgeous pattered beeswax candles

I never realized the cottage industry in beeswax candles. When I was looking up sources for this post, I went to Pinterest as I always do first and there was a virtual explosion of pictures pinned from all different sources. The shapes are amazing! Check out the following:

What a beautiful rose patterned beeswax candle!

Hobnail pattered beeswax pillar is one of my fav's 

I need one of these Goddess beeswax candles!

OMG, is this the best Halloween candle or what?

I stick to the pillar, taper and solid shapes. They burn the longest and you get more value for your money. The rolled version, while they're attractive with the honeycomb pattern, are just too short burning for my applications. On the plus side, they do cost less up front.  

Cute beeswax gnome candle

The sources for all the candle pictures as well as dozens more pix are on my Pinterest board here. Enjoy the sampling and hopefully I've converted you over to the sweet side of candles!  

Drop me a comment and tell me what your favorite shape is!

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