Monday, November 18, 2013

Store My Stuff

 OK, I was as guilty as everyone else. I have studied Feng Shui, Room Organization, Interior Decorating and I still have had storage issues. It didn't help that I live in a 1955 starter Ranch home (read tiny) but on the plus side I do have a basement and double car garage with a full attic above.  Even with those advantages I have still struggled with the storage challenge.

So one day I chucked the stuff! What was too valuable or too sentimental, I found ways to put them away. I found furniture with dual purpose and stick to the 1 thing in-1 thing out rule. So what is dual purposed furniture you ask? Well, simply put, it's a piece that has more than 1 purpose.  Websites are full of store bought solutions but check this out:

Suitcase end table

Hello, I have had end tables I could've cut the top off and plunked a suitcase on the frame! So cute painted in pink with a rope or fabric welt around the bottom. 

Here's another:

Bureau child's closet

Well this is just genius! Use a tall bureau to make a child-height closet and then use the regular closet for storage. I'm liking this idea a lot, it frees up space and allows a small person to learn to hang up their own stuff. 

Here's a brilliant one: 

Suitcase vanity table

This is a variation of the end table example above. A frame with tall legs, suitcase with a mirror glued inside, voila! Teen vanity/make up center with storage! I think this would be cute with a skirt around it too. 

Here's one most of us could use:

Bureau computer storage

This would take a bit more expertise in the DIY department, but totally do-able. I would love to use this idea in a client's small home without a designated office. I have seen pictures of a blanket chest outfitted as a file cabinet. Use both of the ideas and have a home office that can be hidden away, ingenious! 

Speaking of hidden away:

Armoire sewing center

This is a great idea as well. I can see this not only as a sewing center, but a home-office-in-a-cabinet or a study center in a living room area or bedroom.

Have extra luggage and want to utilize them neatly? Here is a cool vintage look:

Luggage drawers

Can't say I have ever come across anyone with so many extra pieces of luggage but this could work with new pieces too. Pop off the tops and slide them into simply made bookcases for a fresh look on storage drawers. 

Next is a really practical use for those '70's side boards/buffets. I'm loving this more than some of the TV stands currently on the market:

Credenza turned TV table

Take out the drawers, put in wood shelves to hold the electronics and it is a great way to recycle a piece that would end up in the garage or landfill. 

Have a primitive piece you would love to re-purpose? Look at this lovely example:

Armoire ovens

 Here in New England, just about every house with age has an armoire or large cabinet somewhere in the barn, basement or mudroom that can be used in a kitchen remodel. Looks great and preserves a nice piece for future generations. 

Here's another suitcase table:

Suitcase coffee table

This is a lovely shabby chic look. I think I would put rolling casters on the bottom and it could be that game table with storage you are looking for in the living room. 

Another piece  you may want to add back to the living room: 

End table face lift
I can't tell you how many of these I have seen at the landfill, in garages and generally kicked around. Some of them were actually expensive pieces of furniture in their day, but who wants that retro '70's look when you're not going for it? But re-painted in a trendy color, it looks oh-so current and fresh. 

Need extra seating and storage? Well check this out…..

Bureau window seat

That looks as if it is a bureau or a side board with the legs cut off and a custom pad made for the top. Extra window seating and storage in the process, re-purposing to the highest level! 

But next is the ultimate:

Armoire craft center

I can't tell you how many clients are trying to dump, pawn off, get rid of those TV armoires. This is a genius idea! Turned into a craft/gift wrapping/scrapbooking center. I wish I had one of these in the past!

Let's not forget the 4 legged family members. Their stuff is all over the place. Below are the best of what I've seen to rein in the accessories:

Console TV dog bed

Monitor cat bed

End table dog bed

And finally, my absolute favorite, I already have the bureau picked out for this baby:

Ultimate litter box center

Litter box hidden away and storage in the top drawer…. swoon! I'll let you know how it turns out.

All these pictures were on Pinterest and there are tons more. I culled it down to the few here, but you could spend hours looking at them. Let me know about you're special project, or drop a comment if you need help!


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