Thursday, November 14, 2013

Well Done Bohemian

I follow about 300 design and design oriented blogs. To be honest, I scan a lot of the content until the accompanying pix jump out at me. Then I read the blog. This is what happened with the post from Design Manifest. From the first pic, I noticed this is not an ordinary room touted as a bachelor pad for a father and 2 sons.

Lovely designed pad via Design Manifest

This is a really well done Bohemian room of wonderful design, very do-able and livable for the first time or more low key Boho enthusiast. The starkness of the white walls in this picture is what first captured my attention. As you know in most Bohemian design color is everywhere, fans of the gendre tend to use it with abandon.

Another view of the lovely room

In these shots of the room design you can see how the rug is the color punch followed up by the throw cushions on the neutral furniture. I love how the designer used a large sisal area rug and added a beautiful Turkish carpet that would have looked lost without the support. The artwork on the walls is all vintage looking and adds a touch of metallic with the antique gold frames.

Yet another view of loveliness 

A simple shade on the window allow the rug, textiles and artwork in the room to make the statement without adding additional bulk and pattern. I approve of how all the furniture is raised on legs to let the whole arrangement breathe. Further breathing room is created using a clear glass lamp with a beautifully patterned shade.

Good use of natural elements

The use of driftwood as a side table is a wonderful way to add the natural element to a Boho room without resorting to the ubiquitous sheep skin thrown on the furniture or floor. The accessories are all understated on the tables. This is a good plan for anyone renting a home or apartment and loves Bohemian design. The only color is the easily changed out rug, artwork and cushions. Or so you would think…...

Amazing black wall

Pow! Black wall on the other side of the room. Amazing how the black is acting as a neutral and is easily blended into the rest of the design. The dark wall makes the Eames chair recede into the corner and the artwork above the fireplace literally jumps out at you. Did you even notice the television? Don't be scared by the use of a full wall of black. This room would certainly still work with neutral walls.

Please visit the link to the blog to see even more pictures of this re-do, it was for a for an online design challenge. This is one room I really enjoyed looking at and will recommend some of the elements to my Boho shy clients that think the decor is too un-livable in real life!

Please leave a comment if you like the blog and let me know if you'd like to see anything in particular in future posts!


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